Friday, 6 December 2013

It's a sad day, it's a proud day.

Mandela's passing is a blow to the soul - the world has changed again, and will not be the same now that his light has gone from us. I won't lie, I write this shocked by the news with tears in my eyes.

My friends now how deeply in love I am with South Africa, it's beautiful land, its kindest people, and how in awe I've always been of their determination to face their impossible problems and not accept the destiny thrown on them. Madiba has been the shining example of that.

Recently again, in a moment of discouragement, I reminded myself that Mandela was 72 years old when he walked out jail. So, I picked myself up from the floor and asked myself what can we do further to follow his example and build a kinder, wiser world. And, always, with one step forwards, friends join to help - I am constantly awed and grateful for that.

Thanks to Dan, we started thinking big thoughts: what does lean mean beyond the enterprise? Are we doing everything we can with what we've learned? Here's a first step:

And I know that more friends will join us. We will make new friends.

It's a sad day. It's a proud day.

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