Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Challenge to Lean Restaurants: Serve Me Less Food

I'm not picking on restaurants. The entire food supply chain wastes a third or more of the food from farm to table, not to mention the wastes in energy, fuel and labor within operations. But that scope is too broad. Let's keep it simple. Restaurants, a challenge: serve me less food. I don't like wasting food. It's immoral. It's wasteful. I don't need a whole basket of bread, American-sized portions or all-I-can-eat anything. The science is in. We can calculate the number of calories I need per day to be healthy. A food service customer experience that does not keep this in mind appears increasingly outdated. If it's too difficult to adjust portion sizes based on the customer Restaurants almost never ask if we would like a small portion, and sometimes specify "no changes please" on the menu, suggestion either pre-made batches or a lack of customer focus, both non-lean, non-agile behaviors. Restaurants, you can also ask whether my party is dining on business, and whether we would like to plan ahead on packing up 25% of our meal in advance to donate, since we will not be able to finish it nor take it to our hotel and eat it another day. Some restaurants do this already. Why not all?

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  1. Great points Jon, I totally agree. I often order from the kids menu because I know in advance the portion served is way more than I can or want to eat. I do think the calorie visual is helping a tad bit but not fast enough. Great topic!